Name: Turtle Nesting Tour

Tour ID: 89


Tour Price: $45 per person


Tour: 2-3 hours hours

What to bring

Water, Snacks, Tour Guide, Needed equipment

We Provide

Protective footwear you can get wet, Sun Screen, Mosquito Repellent, Camera or phone

Tour Location

Turtle Nesting Beaches, Tamarindo, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

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Tour: Turtle Nesting Tour, Costa Rica

You may see Olive Ridley and Green Pacific sea turtles laying their eggs and possibly see the rare leatherback turtles. You may also see baby turtles hatching. Leaving just after sunset, your guide will take you to a protected beach. Turtles can be seen year around, but October to April is the peak season for turtle nesting.

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