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Capt Ty's Fishing , Id# 10


$ 375
$375 USD

Fishing Trip Duration

Full Day: 7.5 hours
3/4 Day: 6 Hours
Half Day: 4 hours

What to bring

Recommended: light rain jacket, sunscreen, hat, sunglasses.

We Provide

Full Day: All tours include: tackle, gear, lures. Breakfast snacks, coffee by request Fruit drinks, ice tea, water, beer guacamole and chips Sandwiches (vegan by request) Fresh fruit, nuts and munchies
Half Day:
Same as Full Day

Departure Location

Marina de Repressa, La Fortuna, La Mansion Hotel, Los Heroes Hotel, or Nuevo Arenal Park.

Tour Location

Lake Arenal, Alajuela, Costa Rica

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Mobile +1 (506) 8827-5533

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Lake Arenal Fishing, Capt Ty's Fishing

Lake Arenal Fishing Costa Rica
Capt Ty's Lake Arenal Fishing is the premier fishing guide service on Lake Arenal. Your adventure starts the moment you launch with Captain Ron. Experience the thrill of catching a guapote or machaca when you fish Lake Arenal, a sparkling fresh water 33-mile lake located in the north-central highlands of Costa Rica.
Lake Arenal nrar the *Arenal Volcano is one of Costa Rica's most popular destinations and is a convenient hub for many adventure tours, featuring hot springs, zip lines, kayaking, white-water rafting, and other exciting excursions.

Your day on the lake starts at first light for the best bite. This is generally the calmest time of day for the weather as well.

Fishing Lake Arenal is a unique experience. Many times throughout the year we hear, "this is the most beautiful lake I have ever fished." We think you will feel the same way after a day of fishing on Lake Arenal. Most mornings fishing at the base of Volcano Arenal you can hear boulders rumbling down the side of the mountain -- boom, boom, boom! Then the sight of fresh hot lava spitting out the top. Now imagine casting a top-water lure close to a hungry guapote or machaca and getting the hookup!
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