Casagua Horses, Rides

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Casagua Horses, Rides


Full Day: $695
Half Day: $


Full Day: 3 to 7 nights hours
Half Day: hours

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Tour Departure Location

Finca Casagua, Portagolpe, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Tour Location

Painted Pony Guest Ranch, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

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Casagua Horses, Rides, Costa Rica Activities

NATURAL HORSEMANSHIP - Riding and Training Package-3-7 nights. Experience natural horsemanship training and riding -from ground work to centered riding with your horse, young horses and high stepping Spanish breeds. Learn about imprinting foals and non violent training. Start at $695

Choose one of our Riding Packages or design one just for you or your group. The samples below are for a typical 3 and 7 night package and change depending on your arrival day and seasonal adjustments. Add exciting adventures while not riding. Other packages available and contact us for green season rates and specials.

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