Costa Rica Riding

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Costa Rica Riding


Full Day: $80
Half Day: $


Full Day: 1 to 7 days hours
Half Day: hours

What to bring

Appropriate Clothing, hat, boots, gloves

We Provide

Full Day:
Half Day:

Tour Departure Location

Depends upon tour. Our Farm is located in Tempate., Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Tour Location

Beaches, Trails, and many others. Let us plan your Costa Rica Riding Vacation., Guanacaste, Costa Rica

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Costa Rica Riding, Costa Rica Activities

Dreams Do Come True! Imagine this... galloping in the surf, the wind in your hair, and all you can hear is the crashing of the waves, the pounding of your heart and the thundering of your horse's hooves on the sand... This is only one of the long-lasting memories you'll take home from your Costa Rica Horseback/Equestrian Beach and Volcano Rides.

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Tel Mobile: (506) 8827-5533

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